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Posted on: March 8, 2009 4:03 pm
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Big East Fans Dreaming Too Big

No conference is capable, or deserving, of three #1 seeds in a field of 64 teams

If you are reading this, you are probably acquainted with the view many in the media hold -- that there is an argument to be made for Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and Louisville to be seeded among the best four teams in the NCAA Tournament.

The tournament committee will be meeting this week to consider how the national championship will be decided. It is a beautiful system that has been as intriguing as it has been beneficial to the NCAA. 64 teams. 4 regions. 1 vs. 16, and so on and so on. March's madness is actually brilliance. 

That being said, the committee should not be short-sided enough to grant a #1 seed to three teams from each conference and here's why


  • Louisville is the regular season champion; should Pitt or UConn instead win the conference tournament, one of these three teams will be a team who has won neither the Big East regular season title, nor the Big East conference tournament
  • Big East teams do not play each team twice, leaving a question mark in terms of establishing true hierarchy; "good" teams are not forced to beat up on each other as they are in other power conferences
  • Conference RPI is as arbitrary as the RPI in general; is the Big East the best conference, or does it simply have the greatest number of good teams due to its larger than life population?

In the end, talk of three #1 seeds is indeed premature as it doesn't take into account the results of the conference tournaments. It is, however, shortsighted to believe that awarding teams from the same conference is somehow laudable, or even practically possible.


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Posted on: March 8, 2009 5:54 pm

The Obtuse East

Regarding the Big East, this is a very good point and I'm not sure why no one has made it before. CBS and ESPN I think are too biased but the main point I would make would regard Louisville. They only played Pitt and Connecticut once. They lost to Notre Dame by 30 points. They lost to UNLV and Western Kentucky. They don't have the resume but unfortunately they did win the regular season crown so there goes that.

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The Obtuse East

I'm actually a UCLA-alum in Durham, North Carolina so I wasn't surprised to see that, but disappointed as well. The finish of a championship game should have come before the tip-off of Duke-UNC. Carolina fans would have been a little miffed but CBS should as the home of the NCAA Tournament bring the games that give fans the best look at the entire spectrum of college basketball. I really don't need to see Tyler Hansboro warm up that much. Rivalry games, especially premier ones featuring the likes of the Tar Heels and the Blue Devils are ones that deserve to be in prime-time, but there should have been a tape delay if anything. It wasn't the best programming move CBS could have made.




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Posted on: March 8, 2009 5:11 pm

CBS Sports

I live in VA and I am the biggest Duke fan I know except my brother-in-law. BUT I am calling for every TRUE basketball fan to watch the Duke-NC game and boycott all of the sponsors. I ask this since CBS decided to leave the MVC Championship Game that was in overtime with about 2:00 remaining, to go to the start of Duke-NC. The person who decided to make the switch should be terminated, job or otherwise. CBS did not leave the last 2:00 of the Michigan State, Purdue game that was essentially over to go to the start of the MVC Championship game.

I have Cox cable and a few years ago the broadcast each of the regions on their separate channel. CBS decided to not allow that any longer and showed the games via the Internet. You have to be a moron to want to watch a basketball game on the Internet over the TV. When you had the option to watch the best-competitive-closest game it was basketball heaven. Now thanks to CBS it is basketball hell.

I know I could switch back to DirecTV to watch all the best games, unless of course it is raining, than I don't get to watch any. At least they did get rid of Billy Packer, I am in a Bball pool of over 250 people and could never find anyone who liked to listen to him. In fact nobody in the pool could find anyone who they knew who like him.

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